Steam Background Viewer

What's that?

The Steam Background Viewer is a web page I designed that is made to look like a steam profile. From a drop down menu in the centre top, and a number of tools on the right hand side, you can select a wallpaper from a certain game supported by trading cards.

Wait, what are trading cards?

Steam Trading Cards are virtual cards you can earn from playing games on steam, which you can craft into badges for rewards such as backgrounds for your steam profile. For information about what they are and how they work, head over to the trading card page on Steam.

Do I need anything to view the page?

The page requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly. Having the newest version of your browser wouldn't hurt too. ;D

Is the drop down list sorted?

The list of games should be sorted alphabetically.

What are the 'Website Tools'?

The website tools section is on the right hand side of the page below the badges. The appear as grey or dark red boxes, where grey boxes cause something to happen on the page and dark red boxes link to external sites such as Steam itself.

Get Current URL
After selecting a background, you may want to link it to someone. To do this, select the background you want and press "Get Current URL". This results in a pop-up box to appear containing a linkable URL that is already selected. Simply press Ctrl+C or equivalent (Cmd+C) or right-click it and select Copy. If the box is left open, the URL will change if the background on the page does.

List Games
This is simply a list of all games. Going here gives you access to further tools, see '' and '' below.

Toggle Background Info
Background info is three lines of text in the top-left corner of the page. It shows the title of the currently selected background, the title of the game the background is from and how rare the background is (common, uncommon, rare).

Random Background
This button will choose a random background from the list and set it.

View Background
This is an external link which goes to the full-sized image. To download from there simply right-click it and hit 'Save Image As..' (or your browser's equivalent).

And what about the 'Game Tools'?

The game tools are accessible via the Games List. Open the Games List and click on the desired game. The name of the selected game will appear in the blue bar at the top of the pop-up.

View Backgrounds
After accessing the game tools, clicking this will take you to the backgrounds in the list for the selected game.

View Game on Steam
Another external link, this takes you to the store page of the selected game.

Which games are supported?

Go to the background viewer and click the button "List Games" under the heading 'Website Tools' on the right hand side. A list of all games with backgrounds will appear on the right in a pop-up.

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